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NetXForge is currently preparing for the launch of the NetXForge website and NetXStudio planning tool. If you wish to be in contact with us now, please send an email to info at


What we offer

Reduce effort and increase the precision of your networkplans At NetXForge we provide a platform to achieve exactly this

Coming Soon

We offer a complete working environment for Telecommunications Professionals. We combine a powerfull planning tool, with an online collaboration workspace. The advantages are endless, and we start of with a set of very usefull features which help you.
  • Build GSM, HSPA, LTE, WIMAX, Cable other other Digital networks
  • Have total control of the planning process
  • Quick turnaround with Product or business planning, projections and budgets easily done
  • Perform network equipment modelling for accurate cost calculations
  • Create a multi-year costing plan for network equipment and running costs
  • Share or publish your plan(s) with others
  • Use as input for projectplans and more detailed costing and timing models
From forcasted market demand or new application modelling NetXStudio will help you design and plan network resources. This will help you make the right decisions at the right time. We strive to produce a ready-to order bill of material and advance to negotiation and ordering quickly.